Spreadsheets used
on www.StudentMotivation.org, www.TexasFlatTax.com,
and on the Archive Project Blog
relating to student movement, dropout rate, and graduation data in Dallas, and in all of Texas.

The following spreadsheets can be downloaded for exploration, verification, and corrections. Critical feedback is welcome and valued, especially if errors are found.

Texas State Data:

The spreadsheet, in two different formats, is linked in this paragraph for all public school students in the state of Texas. As of the 2010-2011 school year that number is over 4,933,600. An Excel copy of the enrollment by grade spreadsheet covering years from 1997 to 2011, with four measurements of graduation rate, can be downloaded with this link. (It may be best to download these files first, then open them.) If you do not have Excel, a pdf copy of the same spreadsheet is available with this link.

Dallas ISD Data:

The Excel spreadsheet with Dallas ISD enrollment by grade and graduation data from 1996 to 2011 is linked here. This spreadsheet includes calculations for 5 different indications of graduation rate patterns. The Cumulative Promotion Index is the most critical of these five. It combines qualities of being the most timely and predictive of the five measurements. Linked here is a copy of that same spreadsheet in PDF format for anyone without software to handle an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet was used in the creation of the DISD Board Report Card for 2011 which is linked here and was handed out at the 3-24-11 DISD Board meeting.. While it could have been called the report card for the graduation rates of 2012-2016, the tragic budget cutting decisions faced in 2011 may have more negative effect on those rates than anything else that follows, especially if they are not done correctly by creating a new paradigm for placing teachers front and center in education management while remaining active, daily, teachers.

Again, questions are welcome. Anyone who wants to help perfect, explore, criticize, and expand this data is welcome to join in this adventure.

Bill Betzen