The Ten Commandments of the Archive Project


  1. The Archive should be in a central place of honor in the school lobby.  It should be clearly visible to everyone, hopefully passes several times each day by all students, and under spotlights to stand out.

  2. The Archive should be large, hopefully a vault weighing over 300 pounds, secure, and bolted to the floor in a closet with a clear, locking, Plexiglas door so the Archive is easily visible.

  3. Inside the Archive should be 10 shelves for the letters from 10 classes.

  4. Nobody should ever argue with a student about writing a letter for the Archive.  It must be a fully voluntary process. Students must be responsible for their own mistakes.

  5. Only students who have written a letter can be allowed in the Language Arts class photo wherein students hold their letter in front of them for the photo.  After the photo, students place their individual letter into the Archive on the shelf for their class where it will stay for a decade.

  6. A method should be allowed for students to add a letter later if they initially chose not to write one.

  7. It must be emphasized that goals are changeable. Goal changing is part of life. Not having goals is the disaster!

  8. Students must not write goals that are not truly theirs. This is their letter! They must be honest to themselves. They should write their life history, and the names of their friends.  They should be cautioned that they will forget much in 10 years!

  9. Students should be warned as they write the letter that it is possible somebody else may read the letter either due to a bad address, an address change, a lost letter, or possibly even due to their own death. There are accidents in life. Students should be urged to be honest and never insult anyone in their letter.

  10. In 10 years many things will change. Different things will be important.  Write with that simple truth in mind.

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