Photo History of The Middle School Archive Project
Quintanilla Middle School, Dallas Texas

Principal, Mrs. Hakemack, pointing on 3/31/05 to where the archive will be installed.
The sign and safe were inserted into the photo.

Below is a photo looking down the hallway to the north this morning:

 Below is the same area near the stairwell looking south:


April 2005

Plans for the installation of the safe in a well lighted, central location,
one passed many times each day by students.

June 9, 2005: Safe delivered, closet constructed, awaiting painters.

Safe installed in closet by 6-30-05 waiting for installation of clear, locking, Plexiglas door.
(Lettering inserted into photo.)

Achievements & Goals Archive as completed on 8-11-05 for parent night with documents attached
to explain purpose of the archive with a photo showing the inside of the archive.

We start the 2005-2006 school year with the Archive in place.  Only some painting and better signs are needed.

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