Quintanilla Middle School
2700 Remond Dr, Dallas TX, 75211
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March 31, 2005

Mrs. Florinda Romero, Operations Manager
Lowe's Home Improvement
1710 Chalk Hill Road
Dallas Texas 75211

Re: Student Achievements & Goals Vault

Dear Mrs. Romero,

We are excited about the project that is taking shape. My students love the idea of returning in 10 years, many of them with their own families by then and established in their professions, to pick up and read the letters they will have prepared here in the 8th grade. They are thinking of their futures more already.

Yesterday we spoke briefly about photos of where the Achievements and Goals Vault will be installed here at Quintanilla. Here are a few photos to answer those questions and show where the safe would be installed. Below is a photo of our Principal, Mrs. Hakemack, pointing to the planned location for the safe this morning. A photo of the planned vault has been inserted to give the approximate location of the safe. The title being considered for placement on the beam above the safe has also been inserted.

The area near the 8th grade stairwell is the area from which our principal, Mrs. Hakemack normally greets students every morning. Below is a photo looking down the hallway to the north this morning:

I had never noticed how dark the area we are planning to place the vault is. Is it possible Lowes could also help us with lighting? That would certainly help focus attention on the Achievements and Goals vault. Below is the same area near the stairwell looking south:

Thank you for joining with us to help send the message to our students about the importance of goals.



Bill Betzen

Computer Applications, Room 200 bbetzen@dallasisd.org

cc: Mrs. Hakemack, Principal, Quintanilla Middle School
      Mrs. Maria Hernandez, President of Quintanilla PTA

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