Quintanilla Middle School
2700 Remond Dr, Dallas TX, 75211
972-502-3200 x8200
March 28, 2005

Mrs. Florinda Romero, Operations Manager
Lowe's Home Improvement
1710 Chalk Hill Road
Dallas Texas 75211

Re: Student Achievements & Goals Vault

Dear Mrs. Romero,

Thank you for speaking with me just now. We are seeking your help in starting a tradition that could positively impact the students in the area surrounding your store. We are seeking to establish an Achievements & Goals Archive to help motivate our students here at Quintanilla Middle School. Allow me to explain.

Lack of focus, purpose, and/or goals, is a common problem among 7th and 8th grade students. It leaves them unable to realize the importance of daily tasks. It increases their vulnerability to gang influence. Our goal as parents and teachers is to overcome this lack of direction and to increase the potential for our students to think of, and work for, their futures.

To encourage such motivation we want to establish an “Achievements & Goals Archive” for Quintanilla students. It would involve a large, heavy, metal safe placed in a visible but secure location passed many times daily by Quintanilla students, probably in the lounge area between our 8th grade stairwells. The safe would have 10 shelves, one for each graduating class for 10 years.

Each year the 7th graders would be introduced to the vault. It would be explained that just before their graduation they will each be able to place a letter in the vault. It will be a letter to themselves, with photos or other mementos, in a legal size envelope, all weighing less than an ounce. Then in about 9½ years they could return at the beginning of the school year to open their envelopes. They would be invited to meet with the 8th graders at that time to talk of the role of goals in their lives. (Students would also put an address on their envelope so they may still get the letter through the mail if they are unable to pick it up in person in 10 years.)

Would Lowe's consider participating with us in this project? A safe has been located costing $600 that would be large enough. It is anticipated that it will cost $400 to install into the wall and secure unless you have employees willing to donate their time. We had hoped that this years 8th graders would be able to start the tradition.

We hope you will be able to join us in sending the message to our students that their achievements and goals are very important. We welcome any questions you may have.



Bill Betzen

Computer Applications, Room 200 bbetzen@dallasisd.org

cc: Mrs. Hakemack, Principal, Quintanilla Middle School
      Mrs. Maria Hernandez, President of Quintanilla PTA

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