Quintanilla Middle School
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Achievements and Goals Archive - Proposal
March 2005

Lack of focus, purpose, and/or goals, is a common affliction among 7th and 8th grade students. It leaves them unable to realize the importance of daily tasks, vulnerable to gang influences, and in danger of wasting hundreds of hours that could be invested in their futures.

Our goal as parents and teachers is to overcome this lack of direction and to increase the potential for our students to think of their future. We want them to take pride in their achievements, explore realistic personal goals, and work toward those goals during their time at Quintanilla.

One method to help work toward this goal would be to establish a 10 year "time capsule" archive system at Quintanilla. It would involve securing a large, heavy, iron safe and placing it in a visible, secure location passed daily by Quintanilla students. In this safe would be 10 shelves numbered 0 through 9. Each year the 7th graders would be introduced to the vault. It would be explained that just before their graduation they will each be able to place one legal size envelope weighing less than one ounce in the safe.  It would be placed with their class on the numbered shelf in the safe with the number of the last digit of the year of their 8th grade graduation.

In their envelope they may place a letter to themselves along with a possible memento, remembering the one oz total weight limit, in an envelope addressed to themselves. Then, Thanksgiving week of that 10th year after graduation, they may return to pick up and open the letter they had written in their 8th grade. They may also meet with the students at that time to talk of what they had learned in the past 10 years and the advice they would give. Hopefully 10% or more of students would return in 10 years. In May of that 10th year the letters remaining would be mailed to the addresses students placed on their envelopes ten years earlier. Hopefully most letters will ultimately find the students who wrote them 10 years earlier.

The purpose is to encourage students to think of and plan for their futures, to learn the power of goals, and to better value their ability to express themselves in writing. Hopefully it will increase the potential for them to spend their time at Quintanilla in more focused activity working toward their futures.

Our communities "body language" will hopefully send a valuable message to these students. Placing such importance on the students' goals and written letters by locking them in this secure,  fire-proof safe, in addition to the value placed on their eventual testimony as returning graduates, will hopefully help them realize how important their futures are, their thoughts are, and their work is now, toward that future. They are very important in the life of our Dallas Community.


Donations needed: The safe involved will cost about $700 dollars. Hopefully donations from the community can be found to purchase and also securely install the safe in a central, well-lighted location passed daily by all students.

Bill Betzen, Computer Applications RM 200

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