Achievements and Goals Archive – Instructions for the Archive Letter

Thinking through my mind
Wondering what I will do
Finding out life’s good.

 Juan Suarez, 7th Grader, Quintanilla Middle School, Dallas, Spring 2005

Students in the 8th grade will write a letter to themselves to be sealed by them until they open it again in 10 years. The letters will be archived and protected in the Achievements and Goals Archive vault in the school lobby. Students should address the letters to themselves 10 years from now. The address should include their full current name and, in parenthesis, their student ID number, their team number, and the year they graduated from the 8th grade: (ID# ________, Team ___, 8th Grade Class of ______ ).


May 4, 2005

Dear Mary Hernandez, age 24:

It is strange to write a letter to myself, but I guess I will be a very different person in 10 years. Well, here goes:

(History: Write stories you remember from the past 10 years. Where did you go to elementary school? Write about your favorite teachers and relatives, and your best friends. Ten years from now you may have forgotten many things about them. What times have you enjoyed and what adventures have you had? Have you ever moved? Where did you move and what were the changes in your life? What people have been most important in your life? What events in the world have most affected you?

Present life: Where do you live? Write about your parents, siblings and relatives. List your friends full names and tell stories about times you have enjoyed with them. What do you enjoy most about your school? Who were your teachers?

Your future: Where do you plan to go for high school? What do you plan to be doing in ten years? What message would you want to leave for yourself? What will you achieve before then? Will you be married? Will you have children? Will you have a college degree? What work will you be doing? Will you own a home?)

I can't wait till I am back to Quintanilla to open this letter from the archive. I look forward to being the person who reads this letter in 10 years,

Mary Hernandez, age 14


To be accepted for the archive your letter should meet the following criteria:

  1. The letter should involve no more than 4 sheets of paper. You may write front and back, and you may include 2 photos.

  2. It must fit inside one legal sized, 4" x 9.5", envelope. Total weight must be 1 ounce or less. When finished you are to seal your letter inside the envelope. You will hold it in front of your self during your class photo taken at the Archive.

  3. The envelope should be addressed to yourself. Your full name as found in Quintanilla records should be followed by your student ID number, Team number, and the year of graduation from the 8th grade, all surrounded by parenthesis.  (ID# ________, Team ___, 8th Grade Class of ______ ). If you think members of your family may not be living at your current address in 10 years then you may use the address of a relative or close friend whom you think will still be at their address at that time. For example, if you now live in apartments and may move, but have close relatives who have been in their own home for many years, you may want to ask if you can use their address.  Then, to address the envelope, put your name, followed by (ID# ________, Team ___, 8th Grade Class of ______ ). On the next line below you can put "c/o", meaning "in care of," and put your relative or friend's  name and their full address.

  4. If you are a past alumni of Quintanilla you may write the above letter, place it in the envelope addressed following the above instructions, and mail it to: Achievements & Goals Archive, Quintanilla Middle School, 2700 Remond Dr., Dallas, Texas 75211. Make certain the year of your 8th grade class is on the outside of the envelope you send to us.  If you do not remember your ID# you may send your birth date on a separate piece of paper along with your phone number. Do not put it inside the letter you have written to yourself. We do not want to open that letter as it should remain closed until you yourself open it. Include the phone number so we may contact you if there are questions.

For the Quintanilla Class of 2005 the safe will be opened the week before Thanksgiving in 2014. Alumni may return to Quintanilla to pick up their letters Thanksgiving week, 9 and 1/2 years after they write their letter and graduate. If anyone in the class is unable to return to Quintanilla by May of that 10th year then their letters will be mailed to the address they placed on the envelope.

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